FIDUCEO Vocabulary

This is the FIDUCEO draft vocabulary. We encourage comments on our definitions, please click on any word to comment.

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A sensor “point” measurement that is matched with another sensor’s “point” measurement sufficiently close in space and time.

In a more practical context, a match up consists of two or more sensor pixels (with optional surrounding pixels) that have been acquired at almost the same time and cover almost the same location. Time and spatial difference allowed are defined by the scientific aim. The match up data consists of all data variables at the location and all metadata for each sensor.

The quantity that is being measured (e.g. radiance, reflectance, temperature).

The number and unit obtained from a measurement of a measurand.

The process of experimentally obtaining a result. The act of measuring.

The number, unit and uncertainty of a measurand that comes from measurement

A non-negative parameter characterizing the dispersion of the quantity values being attributed to a measurand, based on the information used (VIM). Usually, the standard uncertainty is the quoted parameter unless otherwise stated. The concept is that the measurement uncertainty characterises the degree of doubt remaining about the value of the measurand after measurement.


Multi Sensor Match up system

Meteosat Visible Infra-Red Imager