The table below shows the publications from the FIDUCEO project to date. Click on the title of the publication for more information and to download.

Type Title Author Posted
Report Mathematical notation for FIDUCEO publications C J Merchant and E Woolliams 17-11-2017
Presentation In-Flight Characterization of Microwave Sounders With the Moon Martin Burgdorf, Imke Hans, Marc Prange, Theresa Lang, Stefan A. Buehler 20-10-2017
Poster A Metrologically Traceable Uncertainty Analysis for 40 Years of Satellite Measurements from the High Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder (HIRS) Gerrit Holl, Jonathan Mittaz, Christopher J. Merchant 19-10-2017
Poster A novel framework to harmonise satellite data series for climate applications Ralf Giering, Ralf Quast, Jonathan Mittaz, Sam Hunt, Peter Harris, Emma Woolliams, Arta Dilo, Maurice Cox, Christopher Merchant 19-10-2017
Presentation A novel method for vicarious re-characterisation of the MVIRI VIS spectral response to facilitate climate monitoring Ralf Quast, Yves Govaerts, Frank Rüthrich, Ralf Giering 19-10-2017
White Paper Green Paper: Needs and opportunities beyond the H2020 project FIDUCEO C J Merchant 02-10-2017
Report Instrument Noise characterization and the Allan/M-sample variance Jon Mittaz, UREAD 06-07-2017
Figure Propagation of uncertainty in Earth Observation Christopher Merchant 27-04-2017
Presentation Traceability and Uncertainty: Lessons Learned of Relevance to Space Agencies C J Merchant 24-04-2017
Newsletter Article Harmonization and Recalibration: A FIDUCEO perspective Emma Woolliams, Jon Mittaz, Chris Merchant, Arta Dilo 01-02-2017
Poster Creating Fidelitous Climate Data Records from Meteosat First Generation Observations Ralf Quast, Ralf Giering (FastOpt), Yves Govaerts (Rayference) 17-05-2016
Report FIDUCEO Vocabulary Chris Merchant, Jonathan Mittaz, Emma Woolliams, Rob Roebeling, Yves Govaerts, Tom Block 12-04-2016
Poster Poster for Copernicus Workshop on User Requirements R Phipps, CMerchant, Jon Mittaz, E Woolliams 03-11-2015
Presentation Metrological approach to Earth Observation uncertainties: the project FIDUCEO C J Merchant and J Mittaz 22-10-2015
Newsletter FIDUCEO newsletter - issue 1 Rhona Phipps 13-10-2015
Presentation Sea surface temperatures with a certain degree of uncertainty C J Merchant 16-07-2015
Figure Error sources in climate data on different analysis scales C J Merchant 15-07-2015
Poster FIDUCEO poster at GlobTemperature User Consultation Meeting, June 2015 Chris Merchant 22-06-2015
Presentation FIDUCEO presentation at CMUG Sweden, May 2015 Chris Merchant 22-06-2015
Poster Fidelity and Uncertainty in Climate data records from Earth Observation (FIDUCEO) Christopher J Merchant, Jon Mittaz, Emma Woolliams 21-05-2015