FIDUCEO Workshop

Earth Observation Radiances to Climate Data Records:

Metrological Principles and their Application

17 - 19 April 2018

There is a need for enhanced credibility for climate data to support rigorous science, decision making and climate services.

The FIDUCEO H2020 project has been addressing this need and in particular developing methods for applying the science of metrology to the generation and use of fundamental climate data records.

This workshop presents the metrological techniques developed in the FIDUCEO project, explains the vocabulary used and provides exemplars on how these techniques have been applied to specific sensor series.


  • Review the application of metrology to EO climate/environmental data
  • Understand errors in EO radiances and FIDUCEO techniques to provide radiance covariances
  • Understand uncertainty propagation from radiances to climate/environmental data
  • Examine harmonisation across multiple EO sensors to obtain stable long-term records
  • Introduce FIDUCEO exemplar level-1 products with feedback from trail-blazer users
  • Discuss wider application of new methods to climate/environmental data record creation


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Programme and Presentations

Day 1: 17th April 2018
13:00 - 18:00

Introduction to Earth Observation as a Measurement Science

The team will present an overview of developments in FIDUCEO and in  ESA’s climate change initiative with reference to the discipline of metrology. Presentations synthesising understanding of measurement uncertainty in EO radiances and their relevance to requirements for climate data records.

Followed by drinks reception and posters.

Day 2: 18th April 2018
09:00 - 17:00

Sharing Knowledge on Current Fundamental Climate Data Records

Introduction to FIDUCEO FCDRs, feedback and discussion of future requirements and possibilities. Interactive, practical and posters sessions on FCDRs and how they are presently understood and used. 

Followed by a hosted dinner.

Day 3: 19th April 2018
09:00 - 13:00

Feedback and Forward Look

Drawing together the reflections and discussions of the current state of the art, to map out implications and recommendations in a wider context.


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