2nd FIDUCEO Workshop

New Climate Data from Space:

Exploitation for Science and Services

IPMA Algés, Lisbon | 25 - 27 June 2019

The FIDUCEO team announces its second workshop exploring the application of metrological concepts to the domain of Earth Observation and climate, following on from the first workshop last year. The focus of the second workshop is developing and exploiting Climate Data Records (CDRs) with evaluated uncertainties. This theme addresses: the link between uncertainty in Fundamental Climate Data Records (FCDRs) and derived CDRs; providing and exploiting uncertainty information for CDRs; and sharing experiences on these topics from within and beyond the FIDUCEO project.

Over 3 days, we will be exploring these themes via

  • Training, demonstrations and breakout groups
  • Plenary scientific presentations and poster sessions
  • Invited keynote speakers addressing the broader scientific and societal context

We warmly welcome abstracts for presentations for the relevant sessions. The committee will select submissions for poster or oral presentation to ensure a good balance of material in plenary sessions and lively poster viewing.

Workshop registration closes on Friday 31st May 2019.

(Abstract submissions for oral presentations have now closed).


  • Review the FIDUCEO metrology concepts
  • Understand how FIDUCEO generated uncertainties and propagated through from FCDR to CDR.
  • Introduce FIDUCEO intercalibration and harmonisation concepts.
  • Discuss relevance in a fiducial world.

Programme Overview

Day 1: 25th June 2019

Training Session: Concepts of Metrology for Earth Observation

Metrological methods and their application in the EO domain, including principles and exercises.

All welcome: particularly recommended for attendees who did not attend FIDUCEO workshop 1. 


Workshop Session 1: Fundamental Climate Data Records (FCDRs) principles and methods:

Sharing practice on producing FCDRs. 

FCDR producers/designers are invited to present their experience and approaches.

Followed by a poster viewing session over drinks and canapés

Day 2: 26th June 2019

Workshop Session 2: Deriving Climate Data Records (CDRs) from FCDRs

Sharing practice on deriving CDRs and the links between FCDR and CDR properties, including uncertainties and FIDUCEO concepts for uncertainty propagation.

CDR producers/designers are invited to present their experience and approaches.

Followed by poster session


Workshop Session 3: CDR Quality Assurance

Long term stability of Fundamental Climate Data Records and Climate Data Records- Methods and implementation; Inter-calibration, harmonisation, CDR ensembles, fiducial references.

FCDR/CDR producers/designers are invited to present their experience and approaches.

Followed by FIDUCEO hosted dinner

Day 3: 27th June 2019

Workshop Session 4: CDR exploitation

Application of new methods to climate/environmental data record creation, FIDUCEO lessons learned and user recommendations to the project. Breakout groups.

Followed by feedback from poster sessions and breakout groups.


The FIDUCEO workshop will be hosted at IPMA's waterfront location, south west of Lisbon city centre in Algés.

Av. Alfredo Magalhães Ramalho, 6
1495-165 Algés
Telefone (+351) 21 302 7000 


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