Uncertainty Analysis: Learning resources

The FIDUCEO tutorials provide an overview of the approach used by the FIDUCEO project to apply metrological principles of traceability, uncertainty analysis and comparison to Fundamental Climate Data Records and Climate Data Records.

The FIDUCEO approach is based on the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) , published by the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures.

Beginner guides to the application of the GUM have been produced by different National Metrology Institutes. the National Physical Laboratory provides two key resources:

  1. Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty. This is a free (registration required) introductory eLearning course to uncertainty analysis
  2. Earth Observation specific uncertainty analysis course. This is a specific course (free for 7 days from first log on) aimed at Earth Observation instrument calibration

In addition to these, an electronic text book on Uncertainty Analysis for Earth Observation instrument calibration was prepared by NPL during the MetEOC series of projects and can be downloaded for free. 

These materials provide a useful introduction to the uncertainty concepts underpinning the FIDUCEO tutorials.