11. Deutsche Klimatagung

05 Mar, 2018 to 08 Mar, 2018

The 11th German Climate Conference, including contributions from the German Meteorological Society, the Goethe University Frankfurt, the German Weather Service and the Climate Working Group of the German Geography Society.

The conference was focussed on the topic "Remote Sensing and Climate". Since relatively reliable data has been available for several decades, remote sensing has become a central instrument for monitoring our climate system in almost all areas. The lectures impressively demonstrated the diversity of applications of satellite, aircraft and ground remote sensing data in the field of climatology. With their high spatial and temporal resolution, the remote sensing data provide an ideal complement to the classical observation methods and thus contribute significantly to a better understanding of the scientific processes of our planet.

Central provision of lectures and posters from the conference is not planned. If you are interested in individual presentations, please contact the authors directly, corresponding address information can be found in the program booklet, if necessary, the DMG secretariat (sekretariat@dmg-ev.de) can also help. You are also welcome to send us your comments on the conference and any suggestions for the organization of future conferences to the e-mail address dkt-11@dmg-ev.de.